9 / 13 OCTOBER

If you’re a young Italian jazz talent ready to revolutionize the world of music, then NewLands is what you’ve been searching for. With the support of Mercati Generali, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in an exceptional creative lab/residency. Picture yourself exploring new musical horizons, collaborating with extraordinary artists, and bringing innovative jazz to life. It’s time to embrace your creativity and carve your path in the global jazz resurgence. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! Discover all the details and registration information down here.

NewLands is an initiative by Mercati Generali, funded by the Ministry of Culture, aimed at fostering professional growth and promoting young talents through a series of activities encompassing training, research, cultural exchange, and experimentation in the evolving language of jazz.

Jazz is currently experiencing a renaissance, with new scenes emerging worldwide in places like the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and Japan. These scenes are reimagining the musical language, exploring uncharted territories, and engaging in collaborations across diverse genres.

At the heart of the project lies a creative laboratory/residency scheduled for autumn 2024, spanning a week. The initial phase involves an open call to identify talents for the Jazz band. Musicians will be selected by a panel of mentors, with the goal of choosing four talents residing in Italy and one young talent from the United Kingdom. The artistic direction and the mentors’ board will select the winning musicians, ensuring representation from various instrument categories.

The purpose of the project is to begin with research into an Italian jazz common ground, specifically by investigating the distinctive fusion language of Italian progressive jazz, the Neapolitan school, and the unique elements of our tradition. Starting from this heritage, a dialogue will be established with the new trends in international jazz. The interaction between young Italian and foreign talents will make this dialogue more organic, aiming not to rely on mere imitation of other scenes, but on the development of an original product based on musical experimentation.

The residency/lab program comprises several phases:

  • Initial Phase – Creativity and Integration: In this stage, musicians will introduce themselves, partake in team-building exercises, meet the artistic direction, and engage in jam sessions. The primary objective is to foster strong bonds among band members and initiate the exploration of international jazz trends. This process will aid participants in reinterpreting and reinventing Italy’s rich jazz heritage through innovative musical languages.
  • Workshops and Training: The subsequent phase involves workshops, masterclasses, and coordinated activities led by Italian and international mentors. These experts will guide musicians through a learning and experimentation journey.
  • Recording: The third phase culminates in the recording of original work created during the intensive week.
  • Final Showcase: The concluding phase features an extraordinary performance by the band, opening for the renowned English pianist Alfa Mist.

NewLands is founded on innovative talent development practices, offering musicians the opportunity to explore the new frontiers of jazz, interact with industry professionals, and create original works with the support of experienced mentors. This intensive experience is designed to broaden horizons and inspire the next generation of jazz talents.



Born in Cagliari in 1968, he started his classical studies at the age of 18. He graduated with excellent marks. He approached jazz in 1990 and from 1993 began to perform alongside the best Italian jazz musicians. Among the important awards obtained in the jazz competitions in which he participated at the beginning of his career, you can list the Ennio Porrino Prize (1981), the special mention of the jury in the competition Barga Jazz (2000), the first prize in the International Massimo Urbani Award (2002), the Audience Award in the International Tramplin Jazz Competition of Avignon, France, as part of the saxophonist quartet Max Ionata (2002). In addition, in 2002 in Paris, he qualified for the final stage of the international competition Martial Solal. Since 2002 he has been part of many important projects of drummer Roberto Gatto and trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso, as organist and pianist, and is part of the High Five, the best-selling group with the album Five for Fun and Handful of Soul together with Mario Biondi. Luca Mannutza supports his intense live activity with that of arranger for various artists and recording projects, such as Mario Biondi, Rosalia de Souza, Filippo Tirincanti, Lorenzo Tucci and has played in the most important Italian jazz clubs and in the world. He played with the most important Italian and foreign jazz musicians ( Rava, Fresu, Bosso, Boltro, Tamburini, Amato, Scannapieco, Cisi, Giammarco, Bonisolo, Giuliani, Tonolo, DiBattista, Gatto, Sferra, Bonaccorso, B.Casini, Ferra, J.Pelt, J.Frahm, S.Grossman, J.D.Allen, G.Cleaver, D.Burno,B.Hart, C.Cheek, A.Ciot, E.Zig, E.Mundson, Hutson, Pinchinson, W Escoffery, E. Essiet, J. Dudli ) and many others.


This Open Call is promoted by the Cultural Association Mercati Generali Catania and is part of the NewLands project, supported by the Ministry of Culture. The project’s objective is to create a residency program for musicians under the age of 35 in the field of jazz.


The organizing entity is launching an open call for young artistic talents, musicians, or producers residing in Italy (“Participants”) who have not reached the age of thirty-five at the time of application.

Furthermore, this initiative is extended to one artist, musician, or producer residing in the United Kingdom, with the same maximum age limit for eligibility.

It is important to note that the organizing entity reserves the right to request proof of the required qualifications from Participants at any time.

Application Deadlines

Applications will be accepted from 28 June al 18 July 2024.

The results of the selection will be communicated by 1 August 2024..

The Initiative

The Artistic Residency phase will take place from November 8th to 12th at Mercati Generali Catania.

Applications shall be submitted during the specified period, from 28 June al 18 July 2024. A total of 5/6 talents, one for each of the designated categories, will be selected based on assessments by mentors.

All interested individuals, as described in the “Recipients” section, must register through the website

Participation Requirements

To complete the registration, each candidate must:

  • Select the category in which they wish to participate.
  • Complete an online form, providing all requested personal information and an introduction.
  • Upload their repertoire and portfolio, following the instructions provided on the website.
  • Accept the clause regarding the use of personal data and confirm ownership of the materials submitted. Additionally, participants must declare that they have read and fully accepted the terms and conditions of participation.

A good knowledge of the English language is required.

Each candidate may participate in the selection in only one category among those available, and all materials submitted must be original and created by the candidate. By participating in this initiative, each user declares full ownership of the materials submitted through the website.

Selection of Winners

All applications received during the specified period and in compliance with the provided instructions will undergo evaluation. The mentor board, led by the artistic director, will be responsible for selecting a winner and a reserve winner for each of the categories. This selection will be based on criteria such as originality, expertise, personality, style, and taking into account diversity and gender balance criteria. Selected candidates will be contacted via email for further instructions regarding their participation in the artistic project.

In the event that one or more selected candidates do not respond within the specified time or according to the required procedures, or do not meet the age requirements, the organization reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to contact one or more of the selected participants as reserves for the winner. These reserve participants will be required to provide the organizers with the same acceptance documentation, following the methods and terms indicated in the communication, under penalty of exclusion from the project.

The organization disclaims any responsibility for technical problems related to participants’ email.

Participants selected in each category will be involved in an artistic residency project that includes:

  • Accommodation.
  • Meetings and workshops with mentors.
  • Creation of original material.
  • Preliminary support for potential record production.

Participation in the project cannot be transferred to third parties, converted into money, or modified in any way. Participation is free, and the project has no profit or commercial purposes.

Expences Reimbursement

The organization anticipates reimbursing travel expenses incurred by selected candidates, in addition to covering all costs related to accommodation.

Personal Data

Participants’ personal data will be processed in accordance with Mercati Generali’s privacy policy. Before confirming their registration, each participant must review and accept this policy. The privacy policy can be found at the following link.